Best baby gifts: custom embroidered baby blankets

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There are few things more fun than shopping for baby gifts, oohing and aahing over the tiny socks and adorable dresses.  Reading the inane phrases on onesies and wondering how many one baby might need. Baby gift shopping gets an added boost of fun when you get to play designer and create custom embroidered baby blankets for the impending arrival.

Most people wait until after the baby is born to order custom embroidered baby blankets but if you know the nursery décor, there is no need to test your patience and wait to order a personalized fleece baby blanket. Omit the embroidery and go ahead and choose the fabric, pattern, and stitching that will match the nursery. New parents love to wrap their babies in cozy fleece and the coordinating fabric will make a great backdrop for the hundreds of pictures that will be taken of the newborn in the hospital and just after he arrives home.

A personalized fleece baby blanket will let the parents, and someday the child, know that you are thinking of them as they prepare to start this new journey of parenthood. And after the baby is born and is growing into her name, then you get the fun of ordering additional custom embroidered baby blankets! Don’t worry about inundating them with blankets, or onesies for that matter. As each new parent learns, you can never really have enough of either. Between spitting up, diaper changing accidents, and falling behind on the laundry, an extra blanket or two will be a blessing.

Plus, custom embroidered baby blankets can easily be transformed into wall art or sewn onto a larger quilt as the child grows. Most little girls would love to have a personalized fleece baby blanket so your gift will live on even after that innocent little baby has started talking back and throwing food.

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