A customized baby blanket is a truly special gift

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A customized baby blanket can be a special gift for a new baby but it can sometimes mean more to a parent who has adopted an older child or to a foster child who hasn’t had many things she can call her own.

Shower attendees often give baby blankets personalized with a new baby’s name and date of birth or a customized baby blanket selected to match the nursery. That isn’t always possible with adopted babies; parents often haven’t had much warning about the date they will bring their baby home so they are struggling to put together a nursery and baby necessities in a hurry. Friends or family who visit once this new adopted baby is home can make both the baby and parents feel special with a customized baby blanket created just for the newest member of the family. The timing of the gift isn’t what is important, it doesn’t matter if you have baby blankets personalized before the baby arrives or after, in this case it is definitely the thought that counts.

The same is true for foster children who have been shuttled from home to home, taking only the most important, and often too few, possessions with them from place to place. Regardless of age, a customized baby blanket can provide not only a sense of security as the blanket travels with the child but will also make that child feel loved and seen, which may not happen for her often enough.

Choosing to have baby blankets personalized for an adopted or foster child is an easy way to display love, honor, and generosity with the children, and parents, who need it the most. Visit today to design a customized baby blanket that could make a real difference in a child’s life.

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