Best baby shower gift: Personalized Blankets for Baby

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In a sea of neutral colored blankets and onesies, a baby blanket embroidered with the impending arrival’s last name or matching the color scheme of the nursery with an initial embroidered in the corner is like a welcome respite. A personal touch is important with any gift but the personalized blankets for baby available at Forever Blankets And Bears take it a step further.

Anyone can take a knit blanket and have it embroidered with a baby’s name; companies that provide this service are a dime a dozen. It is a rare company that will work with you to design and create personalized blankets for baby that are perfectly tailored to the family and their tastes. doesn’t just make personalized blankets for baby, they provide excellent customer service alongside an amazing product at exceptional prices.

You can choose to have your baby blanket embroidered with a specific color and size, spelling out exactly the phrase, initials, or dates you wish in elegant script or simple block text. The personalized blankets for baby are not just custom embroidered. You choose the fabric and the stitching so you are assured that each baby blanket embroidered is done so for a particular child, not as part of a large batch of blankets run through a machine.

A baby blanket embroidered with love adds an extra bit of comfort to a child, beyond the cozy feel of the fabric itself. Personalized blankets for baby let the parents know that you took the time to design a blanket just for their baby, that you planned ahead and didn’t run in to a department store on the way to the shower and grab the first item in the baby aisle.

When a new or soon-to-be mother opens a baby blanket embroidered with her child's name, she is often moved to tears by the sight of her baby's name permanently and beautifully sewn onto his blanket, it is a symbol of the journey she is about to embark on. And when she wraps her baby in a baby blanket embroidered with his name and birthdate, she feels the love and comforting squeeze as well. That extra support and hug from afar are truly the best baby shower gifts that any new parent can receive, the personalized blankets for baby are simply the messengers.

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