Special Gifts for New Babies


When you have a newborn in the family, you want to make him or her feel special right from day one. It’s a whole new world for the newborn, and you want to reflect the beauty of that world in anything you give them. That’s why Forever Blankets and Bears carries only the finest baby products and quilts for babies.

All of our quilts for babies are lovingly hand-crafted from quilted flannel with soft satin trim. In addition to our plain quilts for babies we also have quilts with Winnie the Pooh and Peter Rabbit themes. Any of our white quilts for babies can be personalized, making a perfect gift for any new arrival.

For an even more unique gift, check out our Baby Zoobies. Baby Zoobies are Zoobie pets for your littlest ones. They’re a three-in-one product: a stuffed animal, pillow and blanket all in one. We offer four different Zoobies to choose from, including a giraffe, elephant, monkey and tortoise. Each of the Zoobies unfolds in to a pillow and a fleece blanket, perfectly soft for when it’s time for baby to sleep.

When it’s not bedtime, the Zoobies are adorable stuffed animals for baby to play with. The prices of the Zoobies include a line of embroidery, allowing you to turn Zoobies into a personalized gift baby will cherish forever.

With all the attention baby’s getting, you’ll want to be sure mom receives some special gifts, as well. Why not surprise mom with one of our collector teddy bears to commemorate the birth of her new son or daughter? Our adorable collector teddy bears are hand crafted from the finest mohair and feature hand-stitched mouths and noses along with hand blown glass eyes. The collector teddy bears we feature range in size from 10” to 26” and each is completely unique. Although delightful, please remember our collector teddy bears are for adults only and should not be used as baby’s toys.

No matter what sort of baby gift you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it at Forever Blankets and Bears. From our selection of quilts for babies to our collector teddy bears, you’ll find everything you need to welcome baby in to the family. Be sure to check our site often because we offer special deals from time to time on all of our products. Show baby how special he or she is with Forever Blankets and Bears.