Handcrafted Baby Gifts Unique and Memorable


Are you looking for something special to celebrate the birth of a new baby? Check out the handmade baby gifts available at Forever Blankets and Bears. We offer handmade baby bedding and baby toys, many of which can be personalized for a completely unique gift. Our handmade baby bedding, including blankets and quilts, are fully customizable. The blankets are double-sided and feature a solid velvet fleece on one side and a patterned cotton flannel on the other side. Unlike some other handmade baby bedding, you can simply throw our blankets in the washing machine for a quick and easy cleanup.

Other handmade baby gifts we offer include our quilts. Our handmade baby bedding quilts feature soft flannel material with satin trim and can be personalized if you desire. Our entire collection of handmade baby bedding is unbelievably soft to the touch, making them perfect for swaddling baby or cuddling her on a chilly night. Any of the handmade baby gifts we offer are sure to hold a special place in the hearts of babies and parents for years to come.

In addition to our handmade baby gifts we have a small but special collection of baby toys. The baby toys we offer, such as the stuffed monkey or stuffed lamb, are able to be personalized in order to create a cherished friend for baby to hug and hold. We also have a teddy bear wearing a t-shirt which can be personalized with baby’s name, date of birth or any other special information you’d like included. Zoobies are other unique baby toys you may want to consider for a newborn. Zoobies are a stuffed animal, blanket and pillow in one. They’re perfect for baby to snuggle with. All of our baby toys are manufactured to exceed all industry safety standards.

You simply can’t go wrong with handmade baby gifts from Forever Blankets and Bears. Our handmade baby bedding and baby toys are sure to become a family heirloom and are likely to be passed down from generation to generation. We offer competitive prices and the ability to customize most of our products to your liking. After all, baby will be receiving plenty of gifts – why not give a unique one which can’t just be bought at a store?