Personalized Baby Quilts Can be More Than Just a Blanket

Personalized baby quilts really can be more than just a blanket. Baby blankets traditionally have many uses both in the home and when out and about. It can be a treasured family heirloom, wall décor for the nursery, a swaddle, a play mat, a breast feeding aid, and a comforting and familiar presence. With all of the varied uses of baby blankets, it’s no wonder that they make the perfect gifts for new moms. Your gift to the new baby in your life could very well be treasured for generations to come as it’s passed down over the years. Here are just a few of the many things that can be done with a personalized baby blanket or quilt.

  • Nursery décor: Blankets and quilts make lovely wall hangings for the nursery. They also do well when they are draped over chairs, or when used as a pretty and soft table cover. There are many decorative options for using a personalized baby quilt.

  • Swaddling: New babies just love to be swaddled. A personalized quilt made to the perfect size for wrapping up a new baby snugly is something that will help keep the late night crying to a minimum. The world is a big and scary place for a new baby, and many find great comfort in a snug warm wrapping.

  • Play mats: One of the best places for baby to play is on the floor, but if you worry about the carpets being too rough on her skin, laying down a soft blanket or quilt is a great way to let her play while keeping her protected. Since it is portable, you can even use it when you go to visit friends and relatives, which sure beats hauling a big playpen everywhere you go.

  • Cover-up: Many new moms choose to breastfeed, and since life doesn’t stop when you’ve had a baby, it often means having to sit down when out running errands or visiting friends and family to feed the baby. A baby blanket makes a great cover-up for the breastfeeding mom on the go.

  • Comfort: Think Linus from the Peanuts crew. Even as children grow older, sometimes they still want the safety and security of their favorite blanket. Imagine being able to give the gift of practical versatility to mom and comfort and security for baby. It’s a win-win situation that makes a quilt one of the best personalized baby shower gifts around. 

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