A Personalized Receiving Blanket - a Wonderful & Traditional Gift

It used to be that receiving blankets were the blanket that was used to “receive” the new baby in after birth. It was traditionally handmade by mom during pregnancy and as such there was much time and care put into it. Generally the edges were trimmed with bits of lace and stitched in a decorative style. Today, the blankets that are used to receive a newborn tend to be very utilitarian, which means that giving a great personalized receiving blanket is a great gift idea. You can give a receiving blanket edged with lace and customized with the new baby’s name to create a new kind of family heirloom that both mom and baby are sure to treasure for many years to come.

Personalized baby blankets for boys are often done in blue and white, but yellow, brown and green are also really good colors for a receiving blanket or regular baby blanket when looking to give a gift. This is especially true if the sex of the baby isn’t known yet. The great thing about babies is that, other than choosing blue or pink based on the sex of the child, they pretty much all love the same things. All babies love the warmth and comfort of a soft blanket and newborns especially love to be swaddled in them. It creates a warm and soothing environment for a baby fresh into the world and can definitely calm a fussy baby fairly quickly. Whether you are looking for personalized baby blankets for girls or boys, a receiving blanket makes a great choice.

There are many good reasons receiving blankets have been popular for so many hundreds of years. Not only do they make a wonderful swaddle but they have a ton of other uses. They are a quick and convenient burp cloth, although some may prefer less messy uses for an heirloom quality blanket. They also make a wonderful shade for a stroller or car seat. A personalized receiving blanket trimmed in lace edging can make an absolutely gorgeous wall hanging for the nursery, especially if it also contains the baby’s name, date of birth, and weight.

You can find wonderful vintage style lace edged hemstitched blankets at Forever Blankets & Bears. Hemstitching is an old fashioned decorative style that used to be quite time consuming and involved before the advent of sewing machines. Today it’s easy to create that vintage decorative look with personalized embroidery for the perfect gift for the new baby in your life. We can even match the embroidery thread color to the sex of the baby. To learn more about our receiving blankets or to have any of your questions or concerns answered, give us a call at 1-877-642-0446 today! All of our blankets and quilts are made with love, experience, and quality, and they are the perfect gift for new boys and girls everywhere.